My move from Ubuntu to Arch Linux

About a month ago I decided to try a new linux distribution. I was using Ubuntu and was even waiting for Ubuntu 12.10. I chose Arch Linux for testing, and Installed it on my netbook. I really liked the installation process! Then I chose Xfce as Desktop Environment. After a few days I decided to move from Ubuntu to Arch Linux.

When I read an article about a window manager, I was reminded of Tiling Window Managers so I decided to check window managers before moving. After some reading and comparing, I chose xmonad as my window manager.

So I installed Arch Linux with xmonad. I spent a few days on installing softwares and configuring. You can see the result in the below picture.


There is still a lot to learn about Arch Linux and xmonad, but I know enough to do the things I need to do.

If you want to try Arch Linux, the Beginners' Guide is the best place to start.

This guide is a good start on configuring xmonad. Other useful links:

xmonad : a guided tour

Xmonad/Config archive – HaskellWiki

Some of the Applications I use:(updated)

  • Firefox
  • Thunderbird
  • GNU Emacs (text editor and more!)
  • Guake (terminal)
  • zsh (shell)
  • tmux (terminal multiplexer)
  • xmobar (status bar)
  • dmenu (application launcher)
  • dunst (notification daemon)
  • Krusader, Dolphin (file manager)
  • ncmpcpp (music player)
  • mpv (media player)
  • feh, ristretto (image viewer)
  • scrot (screenshot)
  • zathura (PDF viewer)
  • Liferea (feed reader)
  • syncthing, btsync, dropbox (sync, backup)