An improved flycheck-raku now available on melpa [Emacs]

Recently I forked the flycheck-raku (by @widefox) to the Raku GitHub organization. And did some improvements to it and published it on melpa, so others can easily install and update it.

For those who don't know, flycheck is a tool for syntax checking Gnu Emacs buffers.

You can install flycheck-raku using use-package:

(use-package flychek-raku :ensure t)

New features

Project detection

Emacs - flycheck-raku - bare say

Previously if you used flycheck-raku on a project, it would show errors on use SomeModule;, even though the module was in the lib directory of the project. And this would make flycheck kinda useless, because it wouldn't show further errors.

But in the new version of flycheck-raku, project root is detected and its lib directory is added to include path. So no more errors on valid modules.

Error pattern improvements

Full error messages

Previous versions of flycheck-raku would cut some long error messages. Now, error messages are fully shown.

Multi-line error messages

Emacs - flycheck-raku - bare say

In the new version, multi-line error messages are fully shown.

Potential difficulties

Emacs - flycheck-raku - symbol redclaration

New version shows potential difficulties; I've only seen one such error message and that is Redclaration of symbol $x.