You might think you have dodged a bullet
But you weren't the one getting shot barbarically

Statically, you'd not moved an inch since you were born
Thinking others are doing the same, harmonically

You can't see beyond the tip of your nose which can only go so far
But the others were moving ahead; evolving naturally

Thinking not to worry, everything is under control
But things were getting out of your grasp, gradually

Your voice shouts lack of confidence
Although, followers will listen fanatically

Every time you take a break to catch your breath
Soon you realize it's only provisionally

You have one tool in your toolbox and it's a hammer
So you treat everything like a nail, anachronistically

We've entered a new era but you're unaware
So keep doing the same old tricks, habitually

I foresee that big changes are on their way
Not just domestically, but also internationally

But you keep telling yourself all is well
Not seeing that time is going by, exponentially

By the time you realize you're out of time
Nature will have taken care of you, eventually