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Restoring GRUB with Arch linux live CD

I had Arch linux on my computer and needed Windows for gaming; Windows installs its own boot loader, so I had to re-install grub. The following is what I did to restore grub. I suppose that you know what you're doing! For example you need to know in which partition linux is installed. Boot Arch linux from live CD. Create a directory for chroot environment: mkdir /mnt/root Mount the root partition and other necessary device and file systems:

My move from Ubuntu to Arch Linux

About a month ago I decided to try a new linux distribution. I was using Ubuntu and was even waiting for Ubuntu 12.10. I chose Arch Linux for testing, and Installed it on my netbook. I really liked the installation process! Then I chose Xfce as Desktop Environment. After a few days I decided to move from Ubuntu to Arch Linux. When I read an article about a window manager, I was reminded of Tiling Window Managers so I decided to check window managers before moving.