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MovieInfo - A web app for finding movie information and ratings

I wanted to create something that makes it easy for me to see movie ratings. I decided to create it as a SPA. In order to do so, I had to find a good framework. I looked at a few well known frameworks, but did not like any of them! I was going to give up, but then I saw Elm. I had seen it being mentioned here and there, but I had never looked into it.

Get football information in your terminal with football

App::Football is a command line program I wrote in Raku. football lets you access information regarding football(soccer!) teams, leagues, tables, fixtures, scores and players. It uses another module I wrote called WebService::FootballData which is a Raku interface for API. To install App::Football, you need to first install Raku and Zef, then run: zef install App::Football The README file has some useful examples, but here are more examples and screenshots: